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Macular Hole

Dec 21, 2016

If You Have A Retinal Vein Occlusion Your Sight Loss May Be Gradual, Rather Than Sudden.

Sharma S, Pater J, Lam M, cress A. - Arteriolosclerotic arteriole compressing venue -- capillary leakage thrombus at branched venue triangular with apex at A/V crossing majority are superior temporal more A/V crossings Superficial mostly NFL haemorrhages BRPO-20/200, extensive - almost an entire quadrant Ono APO - lead away from ischemic but APO - lead towards ischemic hard to tell with 20/200 vision BRVO-Macular enema is expected signs of ischema- cotton wool spots if C - it likely has a macular infarct BRVO-Good amount of blood in retina, cotton wool spots, hard to tell if it is ischemic